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"Why don't you go on holiday for a while?"

Your employer Megacorp has gone bust. Time to readjust!

Coyrider is a PC game still in the making that will fuse the mechanics of adventure and driving games.

This game will not dump you in another indie waste land without further notice, where it is supposed to be such a joy to "figure things out". The goal is to create a driving game containing a speculative fiction tale - but it won't be in your face all the time.

To give you a better idea, here are some references:

Bland Turismo / Cruis'n Cyberspace / Test Drive V.R.

One part of the gameplay in Coyrider will be focussing on faraway objects, watching them become bigger as you approach them, then focussing on a another faraway target and getting there, a little like Wind Waker's sailing, mixed with OutRun, or rather, The Duel: Test Drive II.

Another part be will be that every object in the game will act like in a point-and-click-adventure, you can examine and manipulate them from within your car.

(Oh yeah, technical details:
Coyrider is made using an older version of Adventure Game Studio in combination with a 3D plugin written by SteveMcCrea.)